Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Viral Marketing Watch: The Simpsons Continued...

We've found another bizarre YouTube video and it looks like we now have a second installment of a Viral Marketing campaign by Fox for their Simpsons Movie. Although in our first Simpson's marketing post on the Statue of Liberty video we thought that this might be done by amateurs, I'm not so convinced this is the case anymore.

With this latest finding, it would seem that Fox witnessed the first video get viewed nearly 980,000 times and decided to put out a follow up. This latest video was posted two days ago and has already clocked nearly 150,000 views. Either these are creative punk kids posting with their hacky CG skills cause they're bored after school lets out, or Fox is making it look hacky deliberately to gain street cred and authenticity...and their corporate marketing schemes are successfully infiltrating the viral world and are creating the buzz they've intended to. Check the videos out for yourself and you decide.

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