Monday, July 9, 2007

QubeTV: Four Months Later And Still Not Savvy

It's been two months since we've covered QubeTV, the conservative alternative to YouTube. Back then, we said that the poor conservative web 2.0 presence is so much more an issue of a)savvy and b)demand, than it is of censorship. For instance, four months after launch, the Michelle Malkin video that was "banned by YouTube" (and was partly the reason QubeTV was created) still has had only 23,930 views and 110 comments. And this is the most viewed video on QubeTV ever! The second highest is at roughly 13,000. To put it in perspective, Michelle Malkin's VENT Banned by YouTube III since February has had 34,244 and 679 comments. And it's not posted on QubeTV. It's posted on what Michelle Malkin calls "Jihad Friendly" YouTube. The fact is, Michelle Malkin doesn't even post to QubeTV. And apparently, nobody else does either. Here's a look at their relative growth, or rather lack thereof:
And just as we discussed months ago, the site is still riddled with poor functionality and bugs. Look what happens when you go to their "Memes" section:
You land on a list of keywords with some sort of debug pop-up. I'm not entirely sure they know what meme means. And if you look carefully, the list includes "porn" and "iron maiden". Hmm.
And they're still missing very basic social functionality such as the ability to embed a video, social bookmark it, or send it to a friend. All you can do is Digg, but most of these videos aren't getting any Diggs. They have a Groups section, but it really should be called Message Board. It's a far cry from a Web 2.0 social feature. But don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that conservatives shouldn't have a site. I'm just saying there's zero upside to having one that is less cohesive, populated and user friendly than the conservative presence on YouTube. Jim Gilmore has a QubeTV account. His most viewed video has a whopping 80 views in a month. Gilmore's YouChoose Spotlight video has 317,000 views in less than a week. And not for nothing, YouTube exposure can seduce swing votes, which a QubeTV presence clearly will not. So all that said, if there's no young savvy conservatives willing to build a cohesive conservative video sharing site, than for better or worse conservatives are better off sticking to YouTube.

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