Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sling Is In The Air: Attack Ads

Get it? Sling? That's funny.

The John McCain camp busts out with two ads. One targeting Barack Obama as "Dr. No." (If you ask me, I'll take it. My parents always wanted their baby to be a doctor.) The "No" refering to Obama's energy policy which means "no" on offshore drilling, "no" on nuclear, etc. Clearly, a topic he'll need to come around on. (The fear amongst leftys of nuclear power is tantamount to tribal natives fearing a coke bottle.)

And ya can't attack Obama without talking about his flip-flop on public campaign funding. It's sorta remarkable how easy YouTube makes it to launch this sort of campaign. "Web ads," they call them. It seems like you can keep on cranking them out with less thought and quality control than what would be put into national and even local spots.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Cellphone Popcorn

Okay, I'm late to the game with this one, shoot me. This viral's been up for over a week. It's some dudes positioning cell phones in a square around unpopped popcorn. They dial the phones, they ring, and the popcorn starts popping. So what does a cellphone do to your brain? It's so interesting that this just hit the tipping point now. It's gone totally viral. I even heard about it on the radio yesterday. Yet according to Snopes some version of this urban legend has been around since 2000. What happened was this: Cardo Systems, a manufacturer of Bluetooth headsets, created these viral videos to promote sales, making the claim that their product "reduces power output by 99%." As a hypochondriac and conspiracy theorist, I consider this viral campaign marketing gold. Excuse me, I'm gonna go use a circle of 500 cellphones to create a Stargate.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Is It In Yet?


CNN: BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Clinton is willing to take the vice presidential slot on a Barack Obama presidential ticket, New York lawmakers tell CNN.

AP: Clinton says she's open to being Obama's VP

AP: AP tally: Obama effectively clinches nomination

POLITICO: Obama readies for nod while Clinton eyes exit

REUTERS: Clinton campaign says not conceding as race nears end

Oh and now, ladies and gentlemen, my bigoted mother-and-law:

Monday, June 2, 2008

Obama Wants The Gays

Is it offensive when I say, "the gays?" Stop me if it is. Anyway, I got an email this morning saying the the Obama campaign has asked various grassroots Obama groups for their support at the big annual West Hollywood gay pride parade here in Los Angeles. The Obama camp is no doubt nervous that Hillary Clinton's haircut is clearly more gay friendly. Seriously guys, stop me if this offensive. I just love how candidates work to fabricate photo ops, etc. And don't get me wrong, I totally get it. LA is a national trend setter. If the gays in Ohio see the gays in LA supporting Obama, so too will they. Seriously, stop me. Even if this is just boring, stop me. An excerpt from the email:
The Need:
We would like to invite 250 energetic, motivated, diverse Obama supporters who would like to help Obama with Pride/LGBT visibility at the LA-West Hollywood/CSW Pride Parade