Monday, July 23, 2007

Mitt Romney Gets Heat For Controversial Sign

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is getting some heat after posing next to a sign that read 'NO TO OBAMA OSAMA AND CHELSEA'S MOMA.' a) I think its a bit of an underhanded smear to group Barrack Obama to the Al Qaeda evil-doer guy Osama Bin Laden b) It's also a smidge funny too, 'Chelsea's Moma', common, it even rhymes.

The best part is that Mitt claims he didnt read the sign before posing for the picture. “I don’t look at all the signs when I’m having pictures taken." He goes further to say, “You know what? Lighten up slightly, there are a lot of jokes out there. I’m not responsible for all the signs I see.” Kinda reminds me of the President Bush Mission Accomplished Banner. ahhahah.

Read the CNN article on Mitt here.

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rock coast girl said...

Details, details.....and it's not even fine print!! Gotta do better than that Mitt....