Monday, July 2, 2007

'Impeach' Banner Taken Down, Camera Catches Moment In Time

An interesting thing occured the other day, July 1st to be exact. (Yes, I know, I'm a day late, but hey...what are you gonna do, I ain't perfect) On a sunny Sunday afternoon in San Francisco, a few motivated individuals decided to unfurl a banner at the Giants baseball game that read simply...IMPEACH. This in it of itself is not actually momentus, but the notable point is that within a minute it was taken down by security. And within these 60 seconds of a window, one person with the power of a camera phone captured the moment forever in digital form. Yes theoretically, video of the game also caught this, but its the fact that its an individual and it was instantaneous - never to be withheld by stations or re-engineered by a network.

In the near future, this will be a camera phone, but it will be a minute long video clip, uploaded to a satellite, redirected to a website that same moment...and people logged into the website will view it like a television channel. There is no boundary to the power that comes with instant connectivity and only more of this sort of thing will follow, with better quality, faster and yes, from users like this Giants fan.

The original article is here.

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