Sunday, July 1, 2007

CNN promoting YouTube and Debates

This summer and fall, YouTube, CNN and any motivated citizens out there with a video camera and a laptop, will continue to push the boundaries of Media and user generated content by having presidential candidates answer questions submitted via YouTube videos.

We've all become accustomed to the candidates reaching out to the voters in an effort to connect to them (sometimes even in the form of silly queries for opinion on appropriate campaign songs) but the most significant element to this latest version of future viral content is the fact that CNN is partnering in the process.

Clearly, user generated videos are here to stay and instead of shunning them, CNN is becoming one of the first mainstream news networks to figure out how to work with and benefit from this experience. Is Fox News behind the curve on this? How much of a response will this actually garner?'s an interesting question, will our next president answer YouTube streamed questions once he (or she) is in office?

The first debate will feature the Democratic candidates on July 23rd in Charleston, South Carolina...and questions are to be submitted between June 14 and July 22. Good luck, we'll check back in soon to see what kind of response CNN, YouTube and the Candidates get from Joe Public. Check out the site here.


Anonymous said...

Personally, i think the new approach is great, CNN clearly understands the important role of new media in 08.The more information out there the better, plus it mends the disconnect with the younger demo. candidates should check out, they have presidential smiley's that can be used for social networking pages. great blog, keep it up! specifically viral roots: politics

tizzle said...

People should stop concentrating on the parties that people belong to and start looking at 2008 Candidates Comparisons to judge whether a person is worth supporting.