Sunday, July 29, 2007

Simpsons Movie: Viral Marketing Follow Up

Our previous posts about the Simpson's Viral Marketing campaigns have proven to be spot on. The Simpsons Movie has shot to number one in the box office this weekend and grossed a solid $72 Million domestically - and a staggering $168 Million world wide. Fox's Marketing department deserves a raise, a bonus...or at least some Duff beer. They've really done well with what I feel is an inherently narrow American-esque style of comedy, and made sure that everyone in the world felt the buzz.

They had the real life Simpson's intro that's been seen over 15 Million times and then more recently had the Statue of Liberty clip, the Hollywood Sign clip, and the Seattle Space Needle clip, which all three clocked in nearly a million view each.

We'll never be able to accurately link Viral buzz to box office success with quantitative accuracy, but one has to offer this as positive evidence of the correlation. Check out The Daily Variety article on The Simpsons Movie's success here.

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Jerwig00 said...

Simpsons rule. They need to make a Family guy movie next!!