Friday, July 6, 2007

Chris Dodd Campaign Video: Field of Dreams (sorta)

Democratic Senator Chris Dodd recently posted a video of himself visiting the "Field of Dreams" in Dyersville, Iowa. I'm taking the time to note this for a couple brief reasons: a) I loved the movie and Costner is cool. b) This stood out to me as one of the more boring videos I've ever seen lately c) Dodd is dreaming of becoming a factor in the primaries. Ok, true, perhaps this is a bit harsh, and we wouldn't mind seeing him mix it up a bit, but Dodd's in the second tier of candidates and most polls have him in the low single digits. If he wants to become a factor, videos like this, without a significant point or interesting angle will continue to allow voters to forget about him. He, like the many others in the pack, needs to gain some points and the only way to do so is by 'wowing' us a bit. Check it out for yourself, apologies for the rant, but this could have been a cool venue/backdrop to reach us with a message - like his previous videos...

**In the past, I've enjoyed many of Dodd's postings (check this one out on Restoring the Constitution Act) and I think his dreaming of becoming a factor is laudable. But this Field of Dreams video is not like his others in Norwalk or Coralville.... or in Amherst. The Amherst speech was great, he comes across as informed, personable and spirited in his discussion on all topics important to him and the local communities he visits. The videos with no audio taken by a random staffer are not going to engage me like others. (ie, staffers making posters)

Dodd has a good positive message, I just wanna hear it when I spend the time to click on his videos.

Dyersville 'Field of Dreams' Video:

Amherst Video:


Tim said...

You've come a long way from this post:

There are over 100 videos on there -- we even have some on as well. A bit of something for everyone. We've even live-streamed events from big speeches, kitchen table meetings, restaurant q&a's, and a real-time discussion with bloggers.

Like I said, a bit of something for everyone -- from the serious, to showing Senator Dodd can handle the bat at the Field of Dreams. -- Tim (part of Dodd's campaign)

james said...

Tim, that post was written by a different contributor

Arch Stanton said...

Tim, thanks for you comments, I added some commentary on Dodd's other videos to round out the thought. The point is that spending time to view videos online is asking the voters to invest some of their lives into the candidate, and despite my rather rough rhetoric, I think there is some credence in believing that the videos each candidates posts should be held to a certain level of quality. Dodd has tons of fantastic videos...this was merely not one of them.

I think you're right for calling me out on this one compared to the site's earlier posting...and yes, I acknowledge that you guys are throwing a little bit of everything up there for people to view, I just think that at some point it waters down the message as one has to wade through the videos to find the important ones.

I'd like to see Dodd gain some ground...I just don't think the Field of Dreams video is the one thats going to do it for you...(which is obvious and small note for which I am taking my criticism on the chin.)

I've posted a few of his others that I do support and hope that it helps round out the posting.

Also, I'd like to hear from you again on any other topics we may write about, I welcome the criticism and any future thoughts you have for us.

Anonymous said...

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