Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Human Tetris Round II

I've been in DC for a week. It was a fantastic trip. That is until it was time to fly back home. I spent two days stranded in the airport. I hate Delta. My brain is completely numb. Seriously, I feel like a retarded person. But I know that's not the reason I almost peed myself laughing from the Human Tetris Round II video. When I watched the first one I was completely coherent and still almost peed myself. This video's been up for nearly a month and hasn't cracked 400,000 views. Apparently, not everyone's sense of humor is as sophisticated as mine. This bad boy should have like 4 million views by now. So send it to your friends.

via Geekologie


Anonymous said...

Can relate to your sense of humor, Phil...another crash and burn experience from a Delta flyer (have a friend who had a similar experience)....too bad...Delta used to be one of the best. (One of my relatives flew as a Captain for them for many years)....during the golden days of big airlines...no more.....hope you recover soon.

philip marlowe said...

Hah, thanks so much for the comment! If you care about the details, I was stuck at National for literally two days, four hours of which were spent in one ticket counter line getting a ticket re-issued due to "weather delays" despite the fact that it was barely raining and no other airline had ticket counter lines. I used to be a big Delta fan too, but this is the second time in three months that their customer service ruined my travel experience.