Friday, July 20, 2007

Ron Paul Talks With Google

There has been "more questions for Ron Paul than any other candidate that has visited google," says Google's Elliot Schrage in the introduction to a 65 minute chat with Ron Paul. This interview is truly fascinating. Ron Paul discusses everything from constitutionalism to Iraq to NAFTA and free trade to taxes to prostitution to privatization to the gold standard and on and on.

Ron Paul is so rational and so eloquent. In other words, a far cry from all psycho libertarians of the past. I can see why he is so actively ignored by mainstream media. And I'll bet money that there will be active attempts by both parties to block him out of future debates like Ralph Nader was. Why? Because he presents a real threat to the two party system, which in turn threatens lobbyists and big business. His fiscal conservatism has gotta appeal to many Republicans and his moral liberalism has gotta appeal to many Democrats. And as for more polarized individuals such as religious pro-life Republicans and bleeding-heart social-welfare Democrats, Ron Paul's support of state's rights would allow for local regulation and taxation. Different regions have different ideologies so why should they all be governed by the exact same rule of law? Ya can't shake a stick at that. The major two parties really should be shaking in their boots.

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