Thursday, July 5, 2007

YouTube YouChoose Spotlight On Jim Gilmore

Jim Gilmore is a Republican. And from his YouChoose Spotlight video, he presents himself as a real Republican, not a neo-con. See, the modern Bush Republican is all about censorship. Just like the Liberals, they believe that the government knows best and should tell you what you can say and do and own and eat and watch. But like Ron Paul, Jim Gilmore suggests that he's an advocate of personal freedom. Yet, he only discusses First Ammendment rights as they pertain to political campaigns, the right to bear arms, and the rights of private property owners. So, I asked him about other rights, such as abortion, FCC regulations and drug use. Let's see if he responds:
Mr. Gilmore, thank you for this opportunity to discuss personal freedom. I'm glad to hear that you oppose federal government infringement on the rights of individuals.
In your video, you mention constitutional rights specific to freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and eminent domain. As far as free speech goes, is your concern solely related to campaign speech regulation or do you believe the government oversteps boundaries regarding explicit material (sexual or otherwise) as well? In other words, should censorship be left up to governments or to parents?
As far as personal freedoms, how would you compare and contrast the right to bear arms with a woman's right to choose? And likewise with illegal drugs? Do you believe that our freedom to ingest what we want is as important as our freedom to say what we want? Thank you for your time and your willingness to engage the YouTube community.

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