Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ron Paul Speaks Out On His Internet Popularity

At a recent Kansas City rally, Ron Paul addressed his overwhelming popularity amongst young, Internet Savvy voters. "It might just be that freedom is popular," said Ron Paul. Ron Paul is right about this, but he's being humble. The correct answer is, Ron Paul is popular. You see, the core Libertarian tenets for which Ron Paul stands have been popular ever since the founding fathers proposed them. The trouble is, through the detour of a bureaucratic two-party system, these Libertarian values disappeared from the mainstream and found purchase amongst a fringe. A fucking crazy fringe. I've been registered Libertarian since I was 18, but I've never voted for a Libertarian candidate. Not even once. Why? Because they're almost exclusively extremist wack-jobs. Seriously. They're a bunch of Anarchists. Not even college students are ready to get behind that. Then along came Ron Paul. He's like a Libertarian, but he's so... normal. (Viralroots is on the fence about coming out with an endorsement, but here's a good hint as to where I'm leaning.) Seriously, Mr. Paul. The values have always been there. Your success is entirely thanks to the way you sell them. Congrats.

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