Wednesday, August 22, 2007

UFO HAITI: Viral Marketing Watch Averted

Whew. The daunting task of having to write another long-winded Viral Marketing Watch post has been averted. The recent release of the below video timed with the LA Times article 'It Came From Outer Space', led me to believe there might be another Simpsons-esque marketing situation on our hands. But alas, there is no brilliant corporate puppeteer out there, its merely a brilliant individual with some brilliantly utilized extra time on his hands - which has yielded the UFO Haiti and UFO Dominican Republic videos.

And according to David Sarno of the LA Times this isn't the first time he's done it. Sarno who tracked down this mysterious Frenchman (who prefers anonymity) learned that he made similar vids in the past which showcased UFO's over Brooklyn and Paris. But, while those failed to garner much attention, these have reached viral levels and the UFO Haiti and UFO Dominican Republic videos have garnered 2.6 million and 300,000 views respectively in the last couple weeks.

Word on the street is, the vids were made on a Mac and it took the mystery youtuber 12 hours to make the Haiti video - which for my money is really friggin solid. When Sarno got the creator on the phone, to prove he really created the vids, the Frenchman made the Naughty Granny vid (below) to prove it.

Okay, so its no Viral Marketing Campaign, but its a viral phenomenon regardless. Check it out:

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