Friday, August 3, 2007

Poll: White Male Factor Helps White Male, John Edwards

Recent Rasmussen Reports polling shows that despite Hillary Clinton's lead in the Democratic Primary pack, she's behind John Edwards and Barack Obama in match-ups with Republicans. Today's poll puts Hillary Clinton neck and neck with Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani while a poll from last week puts John Edwards 11 points ahead against Fred Thompson and 7 points ahead against Rudy Giuliani. Even Barack Obama holds 6 point leads over both Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson, despite being a white male only in spirit. So when push comes to shove, is America ready for a female president, or just not Hillary?


Anonymous said...

Here's a straw poll that actually means something, because plurality (vote for one) voting performs horrendously when you have more than two candidates. That's because candidates Y and Z can be preferred by a huge majority to candidate X, but can split the vote such that X still "wins". Here's a severe hypothetical example to illustrate this phenomenon.

The solution is Range Voting.

* The "rate this" feature on this post is an example of Range Voting. Simple, huh?

philip marlowe said...

This is really interesting. But I do have a quesiton: If I am asked to participate in a range poll and I already know who I will be voting for (let's pretend it's Mike Gravel), won't the results be terribly skewed if I give Gravel 5 stars and everyone else 1 star? I could see this working amongst voters that call themselves undecided, but amongst decided voters it seems one is apt to vote 5 stars for their candidate and 1 star for everyone else, thus reverting to a traditional binary system where 5 means yes and 1 means no. Given the skew of your results, this certainly seems to be the case. The results appear to be no different to the newsvine straw poll. thoughts? -marlowe