Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Senator Lindsey Graham Poses with Controversial Sign - Wants to be like Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is not the only one comparing Senator Barack Obama to terrorism. Check out this picture of South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham holding up a sign reading "Obama, Osama and Chelsea's Moma Say Cut and Run"

Seems a bit bold to pose in front of a sign like this, in this Viral age where photo's can be sent out across the electronic universe so instantaneously...especially when Mitt just got done having to explain himself for his sign. But if he's cool with it, whatever...I'm just gonna comment on it. Perhaps Lindsey's trying to show the world his Romney support? Nah...he's got a John McCain sign there with him too. Is he showing off his disdain for Democrats? Yes, clearly. Either way regardless of the message, he's late to the game and comes off looking unoriginal...maybe he should have added some glitter.

Check out the TMZ article here.

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