Saturday, August 25, 2007

Viral Video Of The Week

About six weeks ago, we marked the release of the iPhone with a special iPhone Edition of Viral Video Of The Week. In that short time, the below hacker boy wonder has managed to unlock the unlockable. He presents his iPhone unlocked and running on T-Mobile.


Anonymous said...

How about posting something on the U.S. Attorney General....or the national peace vigils slated to take place across the country tomorrow?? the tech stuff but most of us looking for things related to the issues and events that are currently impacting us in profound ways.

philip marlowe said...

You can read about Alberto Gonzales anywhere. Just go to We try (poorly) to tell interesting stories and offer interesting perspectives that aren't on the front page of newspapers. There are a lot of political outlets. There are a lot of media outlets. There are a lot of Web 2.0 outlets. At Viralroots, we talk about how they impact each other. I'm not so much interested in say... Dennis Kucinich's politics as I am in how he runs his web campaign or leverages his hot wife. That said, Anonymous, you are more than welcome to write a guest article about a topic of your choosing. If we like it, we'll print it. Why? Because the Internet is about connecting people. And that in itself, Anonymous, makes it on topic.

rock coast said...

I agree, the internet is about connecting people (this is not the issue)...the war vigils in my mind have nothing to do with Dennis has to do with the future of this country, which my friend, affects everyone and is taking money away from things like education, health care and other basic needs....and yes, technology. Of course the oil and drug companies are doing just fine....because they provide earmarks and support our corrupt politicians and political system. Alberto is yet another example of this corruption. You do provide interesting perspectives and tell your stories well. I frankly don't trust the front page of the newspaper or CNN....the hot wife...who cares (maybe for a bit (small bit) of entertainment)....what we need is real change....Let's use the internet to provide a platform for this change...not to perpetuate the status quo or to trivialize the mess we are in......I agree anonymous!!!