Friday, August 3, 2007

Iraq: Armed Robots Join The Front Lines

If you're one of those people that love asking rhetorically, "Why do they hate us?" then this video might give you a clue. I assure you, what you're about to see is real. This is neither a hoax nor satire on the American military complex. It's not a viral campaign for some new-world-order-big-brother movie. This is the real deal. These are actual remote-controlled, heavily armed robots being deployed in the streets of Iraq. And in the great tradition of dystopian sci-fi, they are equipped with failsafes and kill switches just in case they go, you know, haywire. But I shouldn't be so cynical because with these bad boys patrolling the streets, a troop withdrawal is closer than we all think.

Read more at Wired's Danger Room.

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maggie said...

Maybe we should elect a robot president while we are at it(obviously the current one has been pre-programmed)....the Governator from CA may know how to put one together.