Thursday, August 2, 2007

Polling Passions: 49% Of Voters Emotionally Resistant To Hillary Clinton In the White House, Survey Says

Choosing a Presidential candidate to vote for in the Primaries is not the easiest decision in the world. Personally, I look for various cues, and they're not all ideological. For instance, one of the most important questions I ask myself is, will I sleep well at night with this candidate in the White House? Well, Resonance Technologies and Flimp Media have developed an emotionally based survey system that attempts to get passed ideology and uncover voter passion. Press Release:
Using a unique neuroscience-based methodology that quantifies the genuine passionate emotions that motivate or inhibit voter behavior, Resonance Technologies and Flimp Media released the first of a series of RezTech VoterTrends™ surveys that measure voter passions and motivations for the leading presidential candidates.
Two national voter passion surveys were conducted in April and June via the internet to a pool of over 100,000 voters measuring voters’ emotional reaction to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. In-depth survey data and nearly 1,000 specific voter comments were collected in response to the question:

What if Hillary Clinton is elected the next President of the United States? How would that make you feel?

A majority (51%) of the voters responded that they are “highly resistant” to the thought of Hillary Clinton as President while 28% responded that they would be “enthusiastic” about Hillary becoming President.
Resonance Technologies and Flimp Media have developed an incredibly breakthrough web application to showcase their results where, in addition to distribution graphs, you can actually view verbatim comments from respondents. Check out the Flimp Viewer microsite for the Hillary Clinton National Voter Passion Survey.
Future forward, there will be more RezTech VoterTrends passion surveys covering other presidential candidates. As of now, we can look forward to Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney.

Resonance Technologies and Flimp Media are "apolitical and do not support or receive funds from any of the candidates running for President." For more information about the companies, check out and

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