Friday, August 31, 2007

Podium 08' by MSN

MSN has created a new site in an effort to navigate the matrix that is our various candidates and their respective stances on all the issues. Take a look for yourself at the newly dubbed Podium 08' site. Unfortunately, I'm not particularly impressed with it, as its only psuedo interactive and looks kinda hacky (check out the lame pixelated flowy flag in the background).

The site is set up so that you click on a candidate then click on a topic and three links associated with the candidate's stance on that topic pop up on the right. But I've notices a couple things.

a) There are only 7 topics available: Abortion, Economy, Environment, Health Care, Immigration, Iraq and Stem Cell Research. Yes, all these are very important, but what if want to hear their opinions on Education, Gun Control or why Criss Angel is such a douche kitten...then what do I do?

b) All the topics are in text and there are no embedded videos. But I dont want to have to click on an article to get re-routed to another link that has a video within that...common, help me out here, just put the videos on the site.

Overall, it kinda looks like it was built in 2001...which isnt a good thing. MSN, you can't just put up a site for the sake of putting up a site. Let's try to be a bit more progressive. Compare it to the YouTube YouChoose 08' site and judge for yourself on whether or not you like the set up.

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