Friday, August 10, 2007

Viral Video of the Week: Lions vs Buffalo vs Crocodiles

Our pick for the Viral Video of the Week is 'The Battle of Kruger.' As you may recall, this video was shot in Kruger National Park, South Africa and showcases a three way species war between Lions, Buffalo and Crocodiles. It's void of any slick's old school, and its real life drama, caught by a random guy on a vacation shooting video of big game - lucky enough to catch this three way war.

Since May, the video has accrued 10.6 Million views, which is staggering, but the more interesting thing is that today 86 blogs linked to the video, despite it being so old. The clip continues to garner Viral support and shows no signs of letting up. I wonder if it will hit the Real Life Simpson's Intro (16M views) level or the OK Go video level (20M views)? We'll keep monitoring. Check it out below if you haven't seen it.

View the recent linking phenomenon on the Viral Video Chart.


angst00 said...

Possibly our exit strategy from Iraq should work something like this scenario....can anyone guess who the lions might be? The calf c symbolizes our troops and innocent Iraqi for the buffalos...the 08 election may determine the make-up of this group....lets hope they come through just as well.

mary said...

Maybe the crocodile symbolizes our dependence on foreign long is it going to take before this dependence really gets us? warming?...continued erosion of our standing in the world>>>???? Go Obama!....his proposed direct stance is just what this country needs....sometimes less experience in doing things is best...especially if it means avoiding maintenance of the status quo....we all know how well this has been working.