Wednesday, June 27, 2007

YouChoose Roundup

I liked writing the YouChoose Roundup last week. I think I'll stick with it. Every Wednesday. Same time. Same channel.

1. I Like Mike? Really? Sounds familiar... Oh wait. I get it. That's witty. Wait. Nope. It's lame.
2. Dennis Kucinich: 1974 called. They want their suit back. Not even the "every man" would be caught dead in that.
3. spittingame: If you want Sam Brownback to respond, you're gonna have to do the Numa Dance.
4. Jamie: Less politics more bootie dance plz! You're such a cutie! Send full-body-pic? LOLS!
5. Anyone else notice that John Edwards becoming Anne Coulter's campaign manager completely evaded the news?
6. Hillary Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres are a match made in heaven. I'm just sayin...
7. Barack Obama: Excellent use of white folk.
8. Stop trying to make Al Gore happen. It's not going to happen!
9. Rudy Giuliani: I don't care what Pat Robertson says. Conservatives (and Jesus) know you love the gays.
10. Sometimes you gotta pass on the politics for a little Phil Collins.

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