Saturday, June 30, 2007

YouTube For Issues: FrictionTV US Launch

FrictionTV is a UK video site organized to promote webcam video debate of topical social and political issues. Honestly, all of this goes on just fine on YouTube, but a service like FrictionTV makes the topics you want to discuss easier to fine and it keeps those topics focused.

via Mashable:, a video sharing site focused on hot button issues is set to launch in the US. Previously the site has been focused on UK users, who upload videos commenting on controversial topics like global warming, immigration, and the war in Iraq. also reaches out to cause-oriented organizations such as Stop the War Coalition to use the service to distribute information about their focus issues.

While users can always just upload the same videos to YouTube, caters to the controversial by offering up a dozen issue-oriented channels, such as Politics, Local Issues, and Environment. They also take a page from the YouTube playbook and feature “Hot Debates” (those with lots of plays) and “Fresh Debates” (the most recently uploaded). launched its beta in March.

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