Thursday, June 14, 2007

Viral Video Backlash

I feel kind of silly giving credence to a shock story from some local New Jersey news source, but it's worth noting. I guess it's inevitable. Apparently, the prank-du-jour is placing bombs in mailboxes made out of chlorine tabs and rubbing alcohol mixed together in soda bottles. And there are TONS of videos of this on YouTube. Authorities are actually turning to YouTube to see if any videos identify "suspects." Firstly, I'm really glad to hear that this is how cops are spending their time. Surfing the web instead of out catching muggers. (I was in New Jersey a month ago. Trust me, teens blowing up mailboxes is the least of their problems.) Furthermore, the article suggests that teens are inspired to pull off these pranks by seeing them on YouTube. This is of course totally absurd. When I was a kid we used to put bombs in mailboxes and back then computers couldn't even render video. So in the viralroots tradition, I suggest you all go here and leave feedback for as many videos as possible. Read the article at

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