Friday, June 1, 2007

YouTube Spotlight: Joe Biden Gives Lousy YouTube

Joe Biden has a way in debates, interviews and speeches of coming across as sort of the too smart, too angry, charismatic yet arrogant type. He's usually well spoken and somewhat of a wise-ass. But in his YouTube YouChoose Spotlight video, he more closely resembles a Bush 3.0. He comes across as entirely out of sync with technology and he constantly restates the obvious. In the end, he asks us what we are willing to do to free our dependence on oil. Well, there it is. So instead of being redundant and showing you the video, let's take a look at some of the most interesting responses (Ya, there's only two. Go figure. (p.s. The second one I really agree with. Deal with the hand that we're dealt. Fact: We drive. So in the meantime, incentivize driving all light cars (like my 2000 Civic which gets 32mpg and had virtually undetectable emissions at my smog check), not just hybrids because the mileage is in fact comparable)):

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