Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fight The Powers That Be With YouTube

Don't let the man get you down, peace frog. When the fascist pigs are giving your friends a hard time, video it! And post that video to YouTube. The revolution isn't in the streets. It's on the Internet. And it's viral, baby.

Top left is a screen cap of a fat cop with two kids in a choke hold. Don't misread this situation. These kids are hardened criminals. They have severely violated a city ordinance and are under arrest. Their crime? Skateboarding in a public place. So clearly, Deliverance-cop's punishment meets the crime. Anyhow, the amazing thing about the Internet is that it probably doesn't matter how this cop's lawyer tries to justify his actions. This video has been seen 200,000 times so far. Just like in the case of the cop who called 911 tripping on evidence locker marajuana, that's all folks.

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