Monday, June 25, 2007

Hillary Clinton Traffic Spike

Here's a look at the traffic statistics following the release of The Sopranos commercial.

This chart is Hillary Clinton's Alexa traffic ranking. Alexa ranks the top 100,000 trafficked websites. Prior to releasing the Sopranos video, she was sitting in the bottom 100,000. Upon releasing the video, her traffic spiked her to roughly the top 2,000.

This traffic graph shows the velocity, which is a measure of relative growth or deviation.
Finally, we're looking at the time spent at by visitors. You can see that the time required to watch the Sopranos video has multiplied average visitor attention by roughly 12 times. The video is a minute and thirty seconds long. If we were to assume that visitors watch the video and leave, that would suggest that an average visit prior to the Sopranos video was 1/12 of that or 7.5 seconds long. Considering that entering requires at least one click to bypass an email sign-up box, I think it's unlikely that the 7.5 seconds number is accurate. That would suggest that the Sopranos video prompts further browsing of the site, which would mean that it's not only been effective in creating buzz but also in getting people to learn more about Hillary.

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