Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Chris Dodd YouChoose Spotlight: Social Networking Meets Hyper Local

I was seriously considering writing off Chris Dodd's YouChoose Spotlight to save you from boredom like I did for Sam Brownback's. But Dodd actually said something really interesting. He wants you to support his Defense Authorization Bill amendment that would require withdrawal to begin within thirty days of passage. Now, we all know that this will NEVER pass. And even if it did, Bush would veto it and there wouldn't be enough votes for an override. So it's not so much the WHAT I'm concerned with, but the HOW. Dodd is using the reach of Web 2.0 to encourage individuals to act locally and make videos of themselves pleading in person to legislators for support. Not a difficult task as legislators will be home on break. Then, upload the videos to YouTube and other social networks. The end-product is globally appreciated hyper-local ACTION. (And by ACTION, I'm not talking about sitting in your pajamas in front of a web-cam espousing witticisms. I mean taking to the streets, confronting legislators and reminding them that they are merely untrusted with the task of carrying out the will of their constituents.) It's pretty innovative. Elements of Web 3.0 dare I say? I am really curious to see what people come back with.

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