Friday, June 29, 2007

YouChoose 08' Stats of the Week

The current standings on YouTube's YouChoose 08' viral platform is as follows:

Barack Obama: 3.4 Million Channel Views and 8500 Subscribers
Ron Paul: 1.2 Million Channel Views and 18,500 Subscribers
Hillary Clinton: 724,000 Channel views and 4400 Subscribers
Mitt Romney: 660,000 Channel views and 2300 Subscribers
John Edwards: 570,000 Channel views and 3200 Subscribers
John McCain: 440,000 Channel views and 1400 Subscribers
Dennis Kucinich: 420,000 Channel views and 2000 Subscribers
Rudy Giuliani: 103,000 Channel views and 1600 Subscribers

Despite Barack leading handily in this little snapshot of voter interest, I'm going to play the video that most stood out to me - John McCain's featured video of him at Nascar events. Clearly, he's trying to reach his constituency by showing his interest and support in the good ol' boy's world of Nascar racing. I think its smart. Dry, dense message clips aren't what anyone wants to see out there. Other candidates should learn from McCain on this one.

As a note to you non-race car fans out there, Nascar has grown to become the second-most popular pro-"sport" in terms of US television ratings, ranking behind only the NFL. Internationally,races are broadcast in over 150 countries and it boasts 75 million fans. (uh, dang..!) Check the video out here:

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