Monday, May 7, 2007

YouChoose Posting Spotlight: Obama and Giuliani

Of the leading (I use that term loosely) candidates to post videos on the YouChoose channel of YouTube, Obama and Giuliani did so as recently as yesterday. For being so attentive to the YouTube generation's preferred medium of communication, today we'll spotlight their most recent postings.


[This has been viewed 850 times]


[This has been viewed 218 times]

As for the rest of the field, candidates last posted...
John Edwards: 2 days ago
Mitt Romney: 3 days ago
Hillary Clinton: 5 days ago
John McCain: 5 days ago
Dennis Kucinich: 7 days ago

As insignificant as this may seem, it's acually a good indicator of each candidate's investment in reaching out to the online community. The important factors: What's being posted and how often? In this latest round, it looks like Obama is sticking with the Iraq war criticism and Giuliani is showcasing his support from his Senatorial amigos. We'll monitor the postings and share more with you soon.

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