Monday, May 7, 2007

GOP YouChoose Candidates By The Numbers

In the wake of the GOP debate at the Ronald Reagan library a few days ago - the YouChoose Subscriptions and Channel Views on YouTube are as follows:

Mitt Romney
Subscribers: 1,842
Channel Views: 593,189

John McCain
Subscribers: 1,160
Channel Views: 419,520

Rudy Giuliani
Subscribers: 1,249
Channel Views: 75,351

Ron Paul
Subscribers: 1,478
Channel Views: 69,512

Sam Brownback
Subscribers: 60
Channel Views: 2,295

Jim Gilmore
Subscribers: 19
Channel Views: 642

Romney and McCain look strong with Channel Views at nearly 600,000 and 420,000 respectively. But as for the rest of the pack, numbers look paltry at best. The YouChoose forum is speaking to us. Let’s keep listening…

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