Wednesday, May 2, 2007

GOP Candidates Contemplate Their Association With Bush

Thursday night, leading GOP candidates will meet at the Ronald Reagan Presidential library for their first debate. But instead of uniting on trickle down economics or lauding our post-cold-war-era country's latest accomplishments, the main theme of the night will be the issue of whether or not each individual candidate will decide to align themselves with President Bush's current stance on topics of Iraq and health care (maybe even the environment?).

Already, the leading candidates are showing clear divisions. In formally announcing his candidacy last week, John McCain, without naming Mr. Bush, attacked the performance of the White House at home and abroad. In doing so, he separated himself from his two main rivals, Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney, who have chosen to stick close to Mr. Bush, or at least to avoid breaking openly with him.

The sinking ship that is President Bush's administration will yield defection sooner or later. The big question is, who jumps ship? And When?

Supporting the quagmire in Iraq does not appear to be the most prudent choice in helping anyone get elected...but what do I know. I'm just some silly little citizen. I don't really count...right?
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