Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Iowa Polls Put Edwards and Romney Ahead Of The Pack

In a recent Iowa poll the numbers came back looking strikingly different from the widely acknowledged national polls.

John Edwards leads the Democrats with 29%, with Barack Obama courting 23% and Hillary Clinton in third at 21%. Interestingly enough though, it is Hillary who leads in most national Democratic polls.

On the GOP side, Mitt Romney has taken the lead with an impressive 30% of the vote in Iowa. McCain is in second at 18%, and Giuliani is in third with 17%. And again, nationally there is a discrepancy with Giuliani or McCain holding the lead in most polls.

Will there be a convergence with these figures as we get closer to the election? Will the Iowa figures keep lesser supported candidates in the race and railroad the plans of the better supported rock stars? Will Iowa come around and follow the lead of the National opinions or will the Nation wide voters adjust towards middle America?

We'll keep monitoring...

Check out the figures here.

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