Thursday, May 10, 2007

Duncan Hunter In YouTube YouChoose '08 Spotlight

Duncan Hunter, the Republican candidate whose claim to fame is inventing the San Diego border fence has begun his term in the YouTube YouChoose Spotlight today. This in the wake of Dennis Kucinich garnering 1629 channel subscribers and 386.154 channel views during his time in the YouTube YouChoose Spotlight. Duncan Hunter is strong on national defense and security. In his video he asks viewers to take a minute to discuss a hero of theirs. Duncan Hunter's hero is Duncan Hunter. Not himself, but his son who enlisted after 9/11. Going into this, Duncan Hunter is clocking in at 185 subscribers and 37,553 channel views. No doubt the Republicans continue to trail in YouTube support behind the Democrats. One last thing. Hunter's Spotlight video is queued to a still frame of his son in military fatigues. Once you hit play, it snaps back to Hunter's talking head. Is this a strategy to induce views? Perhaps they think that the image of a soldier is young, hip and more likely to get people to view the video as opposed to just a still of an old dude in a suit. See for yourself:


Emerson said...

This guy sucks. He's just using his son as a campaign tool. The picture was just to get people to watch the video. I appreciate his efforts to get involvement, but calling it 'The Patriot Contest'...common. Well, this is my 'freedom comment' on how lame he is.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the critisicm but want to see some more videos on border defense.

Anonymous said...

Yah, who the F is Duncan Hunter anyways???