Monday, May 21, 2007

Hillary Clinton YouChoose Spotlight Video

It's been a few days but I'm not about to let Hillary off the hook for her YouChoose Spotlight video. Her request for what people think her campaign theme song should be can be summed up with one word: vacuous. Simply vacuous. It is mind blowing that this is how a candidate in this era might choose to engage the constituency. It's downright insulting. Here's an opportunity to really interact with voters. Mike Gravel is talking about a United States in which we actually have direct elections which for the first time ever seems feasible and manageable with Web 2.0. We're talking unprecedented access to voters and unprecedented participation by voters. But Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner by all measures is talking about campaign songs. She's lost my endorsement on this alone. Seriously. It's also inspired me to dig up the paper I wrote in college on the discrepancy in support shown to female candidates in direct polling versus anonymous polling. When I find it, I'm gonna throw it up here just to drive home the point that she has no hope in hell of being the next president. (god help us if I'm wrong.)
And naturally, her vacuous video is yielding equally vacuous responses. There's a shock. Here are some of my favorites (oh, by the way, I really hope the RIAA comes after her for inciting piracy ;-) ):

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Anonymous said...

Dude, this shit is hilarity. Ozzy!!!!!!