Saturday, May 19, 2007

Savvy Ron Paul Is Worth A Digg

CORRECTION: Okay I lied. Apparently I was asleep at the switch and fell for some viralroots trickery. This was posted by a Ron Paul SUPPORTER with a very similar YouTube name to Ron Paul's official account. It was NOT posted by the Ron Paul camp. So please disregard this shit post. Contrary to my earlier belief, the Ron Paul camp is still only semi-savvy. Thanks. I quit. Back to drinking. bye.

Libertarian, I mean Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul has posted great footage to YouTube from Real Time With Bill Maher. The footage includes Chris Dodd on a giant screen saying absolutely nothing and Bradley Whitford waxing political but what's really cool is that this is the first video that I have seen on YouTube submitted by a presidential candidate that includes a link to DIGG the video. As we all know, when the stars align for an article or a video on Digg, a viral avalanche can ensue that yield hundreds of thousands of hits over a very short period of time. That's not to say that this video is the one that will get Ron Paul on the map, but none-the-less hats off to his people for getting jiggy with Digg. You can Digg the video HERE and watch it below:


Kandice said...

Hey, I just wanted to point out that the video you are referring to was not uploaded by the Ron Paul campaign. Ron Paul's campaign is RonPaul2008dotcom on YouTube. The person that posted that video is just a supporter.

philipmarlowe said...

Dear god i must be asleep at the switch, too much jack daniels last night (why lie, this morning). I can't believe I fell for that. thanks for pointing out my error, Kandice!