Wednesday, May 2, 2007

YouChoose '08

Just over two weeks into the inaugural YouChoose chapter of YouTube, some interesting stats are beginning to arise. Each candidate’s home page is yielding two figures for us to evaluate: the number of subscribers and the number of channel views.

In looking at the information, it seems YouChoose has not only become a chance for candidates to interact and reach the people with their ideas, it’s now also the latest tool for polling voter interest (which we theorize is a direct correlate to the actual state of candidate support).

The more classic polls have shown Hillary Clinton leading the race in the last couple months (only recently has Obama shown the numbers to match her) but the online interest at times has appeared to run contradictory to this. If interest relates to support, then Obama the rock star should keep doing what he’s doing - since this YouChoose experiment thus far continues to show... he has interest in spades.

As of today, Wednesday May 2nd, The break down is as follows, you decide (or choose) whether you believe the internet support:

1) Barack Obama
Subscribers: 5112
Channel Views: 2,793,150

2) John Edwards
Subscribers: 2501
Channel Views: 519,658

3) John McCain
Subscribers: 1065
Channel Views: 380,967

3) Hillary Clinton
Subscribers: 1740
Channel Views: 130,384

5) Rudy Giuliani
Subscribers: 1207
Channel Views: 73,229

6) Dennis Kucinich
Subscribers: 923
Channel Views: 38,038

Although this is not a perfect measure of polling, it is at the same time impossible to refute these numbers - and draw some logical conclusions. We’ll continue to monitor and keep you updated on YouChoose '08.

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