Friday, May 18, 2007 Viral Campaign Article

I found this really good article at from a year ago about viral political campaigns or what we so humbly call, Viralroots(tm). Check it out:

Online Tactics: Viral Marketing/Viral Campaigns

Mmmmmm, mental viruses. Let’s create a video clip, an animation or even an email appeal that’s so compelling that people forward it around the world and do our promotional work for us. It’s basically traditional word-of-mouth leveraged across the internet, and who wouldn’t want to create The Thing That Everyone Is Talking About?

Of course, launching a successful viral campaign involves much more than just dreaming up a clever video, and for every viral campaign that claws its way to the surface of the public mind, dozens or hundreds of others sink leaving nary a ripple. What can you do to give your campaign the best chance of succeeding?

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