Friday, May 4, 2007

Dennis Kucinich Surpasses John McCain In YouTube Channel Subscriptions

Dennis Kucinich John McCain Youtube
After just two days in the YouTube YouChoose Spotlight, Dennis Kucinich has surpassed John McCain's YouTube Channel Subscriptions. It's of very little wonder. So far, Kucinich is the only candidate to really engage on a personal level. He's the first to ask questions not teeming with rhetoric. It is exceedingly clear that the YouTube constituency sees Kucinich as a candidate that listens to what the people have to say and is interested. It's sorta heartwarming to see how personal the responses are to his spotlight video. And now for the big but: BUT, is it all in vain? In his recent interview with Bill Maher, Kucinich said that the polls will sway to his favor over the next months as people realize he's a true candidate of the people. In reality, Kucinich's first hurdle is making it into the polling data at all. None of the major polling organizations are even tracking him. Once he does, if he does, Kucinich is still up against two powerhouses and rumors of Al Gore joining the race. But like every big presidential race, we're gonna need a wrench gumming up the works, the good ol' third party candidate who steels votes from the majority side, allowing the minority side to slip into the White House. Even though it would spell certain upset for the Democrats, it would be a hell of a way for Kucinich to make it into the polls.

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