Tuesday, May 8, 2007

John Edwards Fought Poverty At His Hedge Fund

John Edwards Hedge Fund
A while back James Carville (I think in OUR BRAND IS CRISIS which is an incredible documentary) said one of the most obvious yet important things about campaigning ever. To paraphrase, it doesn't matter if something is true if nobody will believe it. If anyone needs to learn from this, it's John Edwards. To explain his time spent hedge fund-ing it up between campaigns, Edwards says he did it to learn about poverty. Okay, sorry guys. As I'm typing I've realized this is so absurd it should go without commentary. This was a waste of a post. I'm not going to bother drawing some pseudo-witty conclusion about John Edwards and the Carville axiom. Rather, I'll just apologize and let you digest the facts. Sorry. I'll try really hard not to do that again.

In case you do want to read more, go HERE.

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