Monday, May 7, 2007

Ron Paul Opinion Video to Radiohead

I found this rather interesting little video response (posted yesterday) on why a YouTuber is going to vote for Ron Paul. Its neither ground breaking, nor visually arresting (bordering on boring), but since I don't actually know much (or anything) about Ron Paul or his positions it became rather informative. (fyi: Paul is a 10th term Republican Congressman from Texas) And, at the very least, I got to listen to Radiohead for two and a half minutes to keep me entertained.

That's what our youthful attention spans need these days, brief summaries to a melody. But not because we can't handle the knowledge, we're just busy with our XBox, our American Idol, our Sopranos, our Entourage and our day jobs - and we need help wading through the tides of information. To learn a smidge on Mr.Paul's opinions watch this:

btw: Does Mr. Paul even have a shot against the rockstar, another Clinton or even his fellow GOP compatriots: McCain, Romney or Giuliani? Well, the video is only 2 minutes of your life, maybe his opinions will align with yours. Watch and judge him for yourself.

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Heretic said...

What, just let the hillbillies force Christianity on students in the United States? I don't think so. I would rather kill them first, actually. Let's go to civil war. They are still flying the stars and bars, so obviously the job was not done right the first time.