Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Presidential Debates: Coming To A YouTube Near You?

These days, just broadcasting presidential debates on television is not enough. As a generation we demand everything! And clearly need our presidential debates on demand when we want it, from the comfort of our home PC, in the crisp low-res glory that is YouTube. As of now, DNC and RNC distribution protocol of debates would forbid taking presidential debates viral because the debates are owned outright by the networks that air them so posting on YouTube would be copyright infringement. However, Stanford Law professor Lawrence Lessig is down to fight the power. He recently wrote letters to the DNC and RNC emploring them to reconsider this policy. His story was covered today by CNET:
You should also be able to upload it, YouTube it, share it, splice it, and 'remix' it online.

Visit Lawrence Lessig HERE to see the actual letters sent to the DNC and RNC.

And, Read the CNET Article: A Call For Broad Distribution Of Presidential Debate Video

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