Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mitt Romney Responds To YouTube Community

I would venture to guess that this may be the first time ever that voters have been able to carry on public discourse with a presidential candidate from the comfort of the home PC.

Mitt Romney has just posted three responses to YouTube users this morning. Firstly, and rightfully so, Romney addressed the flack he received from the YouTube community for asking US what WE believe is America's greatest challenge. No shortage of users immediately chimed in with, "No, Mr. Romney, what do YOU believe?" or equivalent. Well, Romney stepped up and answered that question himself. He places the spread of radical jihad at the top of his list of challenges. Following in importance is staying competitive with rising Asian economic markets. Then, working to preserve the family unit. See the video here:

Next Romney calls for a stronger military with more troops, more spending and SDI. In addition he wants to bolster health care and finance on the military front. Oh, and he wants to lower taxes. Check it out:

Finally, Romney responds to YouTube Guru James Kotecki's question about Tom Friedman's THE WORLD IS FLAT. Romney speaks out firmly against the isolationist backlash to our presence in Iraq, saying we must stay globally competitive to allow ourselves the greatest opportunities at home. Watch:

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