Sunday, April 22, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Al Gore Running For President?

Rumors have just hit the web of Democratic Vice President Al Gore possibly running for president. In the wake of his Academy Award winning documentry AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH and in the midst of Barrack Obama's experience being questioned, have the stars aligned for the return of Al Gore on the campaign trail? Could he be what the Democrats are missing? Between his veteran experience, Internet savvy, and green policy positions, he might just be the man to get us out of Iraq, reduce our dependency on foreign oil and rally the Internet generation.

Sources say that preliminary steps are in motion and Gore's team is on standby for the possibility of Gore's second presidential bid. More as it develops.

Complete stories below:
Gore campaign team assembles in secret [Telegraph]
Gore Team Told To 'Stand By' For Presidential Run [KUTV]

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