Wednesday, April 25, 2007

John Edwards: What Do You Wanna Do? I Dunno, What Do You Wanna Do?

Don't start that again! Well, if there's anything that John Edwards and Mitt Romney have in common, it's a complete inability to turn off the rhetoric, even for a webcam. It's 2007. It's Web 2.0. It's YouTube, baby! We all see through this. We all know what's what. Are you telling me I just waited a week for John Edwards to respond to the YouTube community and all I got was this:

-Universal health care
-Change the world, you know, so that they start respecting America
-Get out of Iraq
-Deal with poverty
-Address global warming
-I dunno, what are you gonna do?

So there. I saved you the trouble. I watched the clip so you don't have to. And you know who the big winner is in all this? At the risk of sounding redundant, Barack Obama. Why? Because when it's his turn, he's gonna get all up there in the YouTube YouChoose Spotlight and talk about emotions and maybe sing a song and he's probably not gonna state a single issue position, but he'll have the common sense to avoid the cliches. He'll stay focused on the young savvy people. He'll make em feel like he's speaking with em directly. And not for nothing, that's exactly what will garner votes.

Anyway, in case you're still interested, future serial lecturer: John Edwards

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