Monday, April 30, 2007

Dennis Kucinich YouTube Video Plays Hot Wife Card

(or, My Tribute (Ok, Shrine) To Elizabeth Kucinich)
Okay, a video popped up on YouTube this morning which will undoubtedly be Dennis Kucinich's YouChoose Spotlight video. Previously I've talked about Obama rocking the whole net thing and Ron Paul finding a disproportionate amount of success online because his ideology is so niche. But really, Dennis Kucinich is the undeniable online campaign PRO. In this latest video, I haven't a clue what he is saying. Why? because I'm too busy staring at his smokin' wife that he has strategically standing over his shoulder. Check it out:

So now that we got the hard-biting politics out of the way, let's get to the goods. Elizabeth Harper Kucinich is hot. She's 6 feet tall, which is a foot taller than Dennis. She has red hair. She's British. She's 28 years old, which is over 30 years younger than Dennis. Did I mention she's hot? I'm adding her to my myspace friends as we speak. (You can too at HERE.) What really sells me is that she's clearly a little nuts. She talks about karma a whole lot. She's got the tribal music going on her MySpace page. According to Wikipedia, she quoted Kama Sutra at their wedding ceremony. Folks, this chick is awesome. If Elizabeth Kucinich gets in the spotlight, she could easily land Dennis the much coveted dude-vote. This is easy logic, if Dennis Kucinich can get a girl like that on his team, than he can certainly bring the EU around.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, have you ever thought of your own page as a mere continuation to Kucinich's campaign on the web ? cause to my view it is, indeed...

philip marlowe said...

hahaha! this might be the funniest comment I have ever received. I'm curious. tell me more of your views.

Galt said...

It's true! Kucinnich is an alien. How else could an overgrown midget(substitute "little person for you PCers) get a girl like that.
BTW - She is as idiotic as he is, just a whole lot easier to look at.
If she just kept her mouth closed...