Friday, April 13, 2007

MySpace Demographics

As the presidential primaries near, there has been exceeding media buzz about how 85% of MySpace users are of voting age. Specifically, students are key targets for presidential candidates. Below are some recent links to articles discussing these numbers in greater detail. After that are the numbers of MySpace friends held by select contenders.

MySpace Politics Target Students (The Northerner)

Presidential hopefuls create MySpace pages, larger student bases (The Daily Texan)

More than Half of MySpace Visitors are Now Age 35 or Older, as the Site’s Demographic Composition Continues to Shift (ComScore)

Barack Obama: 100000+
John Edwards: 18000+
Hillary Clinton: 10000+
Mitt Romney: 5000+
Ron Paul: 3000+
John McCain: 3000+
Dennis Kucinich: 2000+
Joe Biden: 1500+

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