Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Where I've Been.

Hello all, if any of you are left. After ramping up several months ago for big new things for Viralroots.com, I completely crashed and burned. To be perfectly honest, I was depressed. As a lifelong student of politics, I have always believed in the power of Democracy and the free market (save for a brief stint with Socialism when I was 14). After spending quite some time racking my brain for interesting things to write about day after day, it occurred to me that no matter how much I discussed this vast pool of interesting candidates, nothing would change the fact that America would be doomed to more status quo. I began to feel like I was banging my head against the wall. The deeper I became invested in these candidates, the more I realized that Hillary Clinton really is inevitable and John McCain's message will be lost behind his less-than-inspiring image and Dennis Kucinich is just plain crazy. So what's the point? The existence of Viralroots is predicated on the notion that it doesn't take money and influence to be successful in politics. It takes popular, bright ideas and the use of technology to spread them. In net politics, anyone can get out there and tell their story. But this seemed so far from the truth. That is, until the Iowa Caucus. I'm gonna say it: Barack Obama gave me hope. Obama proved that it's not always about experience. It's not always about someone's proven ability to lead. It's not always about the "inevitable." In certain times, all one must do is encapsulate the emotions and dreams of a majority looking for a fresh start, looking for a fresh face to trust, looking for change. And for the first time since this race began, speculation became fact. Fresh vision can beat out status quo. And we'll be here watching it happen. Tonight we'll see how New Hampshire shapes up, but beyond that we'll continue this little journey into all the wonderful ideas that spread like lightning through this series of tubes.

Oh and in case you've missed the snark, let's talk about Ron Paul. Can some please explain to me how I missed this whole black-hating bigot thing? Is there any truth to this article?


pcalabria said...

We made this video because we are afraid our election is going to be rigged like in Pakistan and Kenya.


Mary said...

Thanks for your honesty Phil in regards to how you have been feeling about the political climate and how hard it is to keep a positive grip on things...I have been feeling the same....so I have been putting my energies into fighting at my homefront...my state is facing a substantial budget shortfall and it will be at the expense of non-expendable people and programs unless people speak up....and they are....I am also a School Board Director and fuel costs are driving us deep into the red....very rural....eight towns...you know the drill....not to mention that people are freezing here because they cannot afford oil or are forced to choose between food or medicine... I too felt uplifted by Obama's win and still believe that the universal need for a fresh start will prevail...no matter who cries the loudest!...or ends up the White House. Keep advocating Phil....people are listening...glad you are back