Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Republicans Have All The Fun

Does anyone else agree? The boring old party is proving quite the pony race. I'm sick and tired of watching three Democrats argue over who cares more about America, who can "help" more, who can "deliver more change". My favorite quote from last night's Democratic debate courtesy Hillary Clinton:
So I have tried to create opportunities, both on an individual basis, intervening to help people who have no where else to turn, to be their champion. And then to make those changes. And I think I can deliver change. I think I understand how to make it possible for more people to live up to their God-given potential.

I get impatient. I get, you know, really frustrated when people don’t seem to understand that we can do so much more to help each other. Sometimes I come across that way. I admit that. I get very concerned about, you know, pushing further and faster than perhaps people are ready to go.
I challenge anyone to use more words to say less. Hillary Clinton reigns supreme over the art of talking without saying a goddamn thing.

Meanwhile, by some bizarre twist of fate, the Republican pool is starting to look like an Aryan Ocean's Eleven. There's the smooth talker in Romney. The evangelical, Huckabee. The commander, McCain. The movie star, Thompson. The liberal, Giuliani. The freewheelin' Paul. And it's anyone's game. We had thought Huckabee gets the evangelical vote. Well, last night Romney did, according to exit polls. So far each front runner has either had a first place finish or is projected to have one soon. Even Rudy. It's the more interesting race. And it's going to require boatloads of creativity. Ya, I mean trumping Chuck Norris. How? With Charles Logan. Ok, Republicans: Who has the balls to start that smear campaign?

Oh, and this is worth the read: Tin Foil Hat Alert: Paypal Messes With Ron Paul Campaign


Anonymous said...

.....have all the fun and spend all the money on things that are crippling this country.

Trish said...

I thought I was the only one who felt that way about Clinton!

I have also been reading at There I can quickly find updates to the latest.