Monday, January 14, 2008

Ron Paul, Bigot or Victim?

One of the age old questions posed to Libertarians and ACLUers alike is, do you let nazi's march in front of the courthouse? If you answer yes, you're a bigot. If you answer no, you're a fascist. Lose-lose. So while that question is hypothetical and often rhetorical, I ask one that requires answers: Is Ron Paul an evil bigot, or has he merely fallen on the wrong side of the above question? Seriously. I want your thoughts and links. Because honestly, I don't know what to think. The Daily Paul has come out saying that Paul is merely a victim of smear tactics as corroborated by Austin NAACP President Nelson Linder. Below is a fun little poll put together by Pajamas Media that let's Ron Paul speak for himself. And he sounds like a racist. I look forward to your comments.

Poll Answers


mary said...

Sometimes you are a victim when you allow yourself to he a racist?...maybe. The fact is the road to nomination and the presidency is going to be smeared with plenty of mud....he will not be the nominee so now the mud slinging begins so others can feel better about themselves. I don't think there is a clear yes or no answer to your question of is he a bigot or a victim. He is part of the political establishment (status quo) rather he resists it or not.... so he is fair game just like everybody else is in this primary/caucus season.

Dara said...

Hmm looking at those quotes sure makes him sound like a racist schmuck. out of context are they?