Thursday, January 24, 2008

John Kerry: Your identity has been stolen.

Okay, this is really low. The folks at the Barack Obama camp have sent out an email pretending to be John Kerry. Shock and awe, I tell you! Look at the image below. You can clearly see that the name in the FROM line is "John Kerry" but the email address says "". They're not even trying to bullshit us anymore. How hard would it have been to at least make a new email address. You know, something as simple as "". I definitely would have fallen for that. But this? This is almost criminal. Oh well. I guess it doesn't really matter. I mean, who would read an email from John Kerry anyway?


Mary said...

I would quicker say that the American people have had their identity stolen! is the typical "win at any cost"....even your reputation...right Bill!!...I suppose he could argue which one of his reputations it is hurting or supporting...Billary must be loving it~ ohh the hypocrisy ~~

Anonymous said...

Go Obama!

Anonymous said...

B.O.came out of nowhere and was hailed as a great leader before he was even elected to the senate. How odd.

Notice also how the U.S. new media has been focusing on Middle Eastern terrorist camps in Africa and other Africa issues, and ask yourself if this smooth-talker who belongs to a church that boldly espouses black separatism isn't being pushed forward by forces seeking to gain control over Africa's natural resources.

Wait and see.